JonesTrace Genealogy is a collection of historical data compiled by Marilyn Jones. It focuses on her genealogy and includes the history of Owsley, Jones, Wilson, Roberts, Lamb, and many other families.

The genealogy data has been moved to


Most photographic images on this site are high resolution scans of the original photograph.  The images are provided in a variety of sizes: small thumbnails, medium sized, and full size based on the original.  Most of the photos are in the Photo Archive

Many of the images on this site have been digitally restored and enhanced.  Original scans exist for most items.  Many of the photographs are over 100 years old and required significant restoration. Archive documents such as census records,  news clippings, draft cards, etc. are digital image scans. 


Marilyn's Recipes

About 100 recipes from Marilyn, family, and friends